Monday, 3 May 2010

Moral Authority

Cameron is making a bid to be the man who sorts the mess out, promising to hit the ground running when elected to rule over us. The strategy seems to be to get elected as a minority government, set out his case and go for another General Election within 6 months.

The proportion each party gets of the actual vote will be fascinating. A 5% difference has an enormous and different effect on the number of seats won. It is possible under our ridiculous electoral system for the party with the lowest number of votes to get the most seats. Anyone claiming ‘moral authority’ to deliver swingeing cuts will be hard-pressed to make their case. The fact that Cameron has not said where over 84% of planned cuts are coming from undermines his credibility. Unfortunately he is not alone. None of them are being honest with us. And all this follows on from the most rotten parliament in living memory when trust in MPs is at its lowest.

Apparently 40% of the electorate are still unsure about how they will vote on Thursday. This is far higher than in recent elections. What prevailing emotion will govern where people put their crosses? Fear? Hope? Greed? Or despair?

Travelling through Knutsford today, we were in the constituency of George Osborne – aka, ‘The Hidden Shadow Chancellor’ who has been put in a large box labelled ‘Do not open until May 7th.’ Several trees were voting for him and some of the posters carried his picture. A graffiti artist had added a Hitler moustache and hair. Uncanny.

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