Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Vote With Your Feet

“The forthcoming Champions League final at London's Wembley stadium has generated criticism over the fact that its cheapest tickets will cost £150 plus a booking fee of £26.” BBC News Online 23/3/11
Read that again. To buy a ticket costing £150 will cost you an extra £26 for a ‘booking fee.’
This is where rip-off meets Del Boy and spawns a culture which makes bankers look saintly. The solution to this outrageous greed is very simple. Do not go.
An empty stadium would send a powerful message to the fools who run the game and to all the hangers-on who milk the life and soul out of football. It would alarm the tv companies who do not like their cameras panning across acres of empty seats. It may even penetrate the bubble of greed that many players inhabit. 
Will it happen? Will it hell as like. Most football fans occupy the Dodo rung on the evolutionary ladder. Grey matter is routinely left disconnected when football decisions are considered. 

Which is why the greedy venal reprobates running the game keep getting away with it. 

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