Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tory Toerags
It’s the little things. Listening to a friend describe how he could no longer get a cataract fixed on the NHS until his other eye deteriorated was only the beginning. He could of course go private and get it done within a few weeks. Welcome back queue jumping. Many happy returns pennywise pound foolish thinking. What bliss it must be to be a tory at such times. What agony it must be to be a decent Liberal in bed with them knowing they will take the rap. 
Chris Grayling, arch tory toerag, described the figure of 1 million young people being unemployed as “A bit of a distraction.” What from? His other jobs? Sucking up to bankers? 
It is a national disgrace that we condemn our young to penury and a lifetime possibly not knowing anything but the benefit culture and the black economy. Now it wont happen to the Jemimas and the Huberts because they will be supported by Mumsy and Dadsy as they do their internships and wangle their way into lucrative positions in finance or the media. 
Knowing things are getting worse is no comfort. This bunch of ideologically driven incompetents do not inspire confidence. Neither is there any comfort in knowing that the other lot are any better. Today’s news that Northern Rock has been sold off to Virgin tax avoider Branson at a loss typifies the mess we are in.
Our political system is in a mess. No doubt the eviction of the occupy protesters from St Paul’s will reassure the right wing Phil Spaces and Glenda Slags writing in the Daily Hate. It will do nothing for reasonable people and rational debate. 
It might just galvanise people to take more action themselves. It is time for a left-of centre party to emerge who are not in hock to the rich and nasty.
A little bit of civil disobedience could go a long way too.

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