Monday, 4 February 2013

Stealing the identity of dead children, Huhn and Richard the Third.

Dead Children's Identity Theft

Among the many disturbing aspects of the revelations which have dripped into the public gaze over many months is the latest from an investigation by the Guardian. It appears that an undercover unit of the Met was putting police officers out in the field monitoring ‘potential threats’ (otherwise known as peaceful protesters) equipped with passports and other identity documents lifted from the records of dead children. 

These officers lived a strange existence which seems to have put some of them under great strain. Leading double lives, having intimate sexual relations and even having children with women who were unaware of the reality must be disturbing. 

It was certainly a great strain on one of the women who, when the love of her life disappeared did what she could to trace him. She traced him back to where he was born then to local records to find out to her shock that he was officially a dead 8-year old boy. Fortunately the original family had left the area. Imagine the shock some 24 years later to be confronted at the doorstep by a woman claiming to have had a relationship with your long dead son. Further digging revealed the truth - that the man she had a relationship with was married and was a police officer. 

Just how much of this has been (and is) going on? It seems from what is known so far that the supervision of these undercover officers left a lot to be desired. Another concern is the ‘who watches the watchers’ dilemma? Britain has a long and often inglorious tradition of using agent provocateurs to stifle opposition to the government or reign of the day. Getting pliable people to commit crimes they would not otherwise have thought of is still going on today. 

Huhn and Richard the Third

Talking of crimes it is an amazing coincidence that the egregious Huhn has admitted being a lying devious bastard on the day that the ‘car park remains’ were confirmed as being those of Richard the Third. 

Huhn follows in the great Parliamentary tradition of having lying scoundrels plausibly protesting their innocence when they knew full well what they were doing. Anyone remember “The sword of truth and the shield of honesty” as wielded so pathetically by Jonathan Aitken? 

Alas poor Huhn!  He should have settled on fiddling his expenses like so many of his colleagues, where the chances of being caught are remote. Even when your crimes are exposed, you can expect to get away with an apology to the House of Commons and a week at home, c.f. David Laws

Huhn can expect some time at Her Majesty’s displeasure. 

Let us all hope that he does not come out mouthing the pious claptrap that Aitken did. 

P.S. Rhyming slang....
Richard the Third = Chris Huhn.

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