Tuesday, 26 November 2013

446 Fatalities and Rising

To date, well over 400 British forces personnel have been killed in Afghanistan. The war that began with the then Defence Minister, John Reid’s statement that “not a shot will be fired in anger” is coming to an end. The lies and half-truths we have been fed are not quite on the same scale as the Iraq debacle - but not by much.

And for what principled cause have these brave young warriors sacrificed their lives and brought sadness to their families and friends?

Seemingly to bring back stone age attitudes and values.

“A senior British minister has called on the Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, to block a draft proposal to put stoning on to the country's penal code as punishment for adultery.

The international development secretary, Justine Greening, who has made cutting violence against women a priority for the government's aid operation in Kabul, met the Afghan leader the day after news surfaced of the proposal to revive one of the most gruesome practices of the Taliban era.

The stoning of women in a Kabul stadium, during the half-time break of football matches, became a symbol of the fundamentalist group's harsh rule.” Guardian 26/11/13

Great that. Notice the ‘stoning of women’ by a regime and a religion who are so petrified of women, to the point of killing them in the most barbaric fashion imaginable. These little-willied men have thought it all out. The size of stones is strictly controlled. Too small – and they will not be lethal. Too big – and they will kill the victim far too quickly. 

If you are going to use a barbaric and cruel punishment, then it is best to use it most effectively - otherwise what is the point?

The ideal size apparently are rocks and pebbles about the size of a tennis ball. 

As Little Willy Hague and Call Me Dave stood in all their solemnity at the Cenotaph recently, did it cross their tiny little minds that all the recent deaths in foreign wars have been pointless? 

Did they not have the tiniest smidgeon of doubt when they pinned on their poppies? 

Or are they happy to continue working as corporate whores for the arms industry?

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