Thursday, 27 February 2014

Toffs: ‘Workers Are Tories’ Surprise

To be filed under “You couldn’t make it up!” 

The very idea that Grant Shapps (aka Michael Green), the Walter Mitty spokesgob for the nasty party, has come out declaring the Tories are the party for the workers fair takes the biscuit barrel. Another Tory declared that the Old Etonians currently running the country have discounted vast swathes of the north of England as unwinnable. Whatever next?

Well try this dose of reality from the letters page in yesterdays Guardian.  

“A young man I have been mentoring was given a three-month sanction in May 2013 for failing to attend a meeting the DWP had not told him about. His appeal was refused in late July. A tribunal hearing on 20 January found against the DWP. A month later he has heard nothing from the DWP, and certainly has not received the money he is owed. Meanwhile he is on a zero-hours contract that has given him no work for three weeks. No work means no money. No money means no food, no heating and inability to pay the rent. He can't resign because to make himself voluntarily out of work means he would get no benefits for six months even though, in reality, he is not employed. This cannot be right.” Richard Davey

Toffs Workers Party? Bollocks.

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