Wednesday, 3 June 2015


The US Senate have just passed the Freedom Act - a withdrawal from the catch-all activities of the notorious Patriot Act passed after 9/11. The Snowden revelations about the amount of state snooping has raised genuine alarm in the good old US of A. Compare and contrast with the increase in state snooping here in the Mother of Parliaments ….the UK. 

Not only do our new leaders want to increase state snooping, they also want to do away with fundamental protections enshrined in the Human Rights Act. Fancy that. Theresa 'Manic' May also wants TV programmes censored for ‘extremism.’ Would that include programmes commenting on the fact that we have a government with a majority in the Commons despite only getting the support of 1 in 4 of the electorate? 

Perhaps this view of the future from ‘Bullingdonmorons’ commenting on the Guardian website may wake some people up. 

‘One day, in the not so far off future, I shall be awoken by the alarm in my bedroom shouting at me it is time to get up. I shall prepare myself for the day whilst listening to the radio as it barks out the Governments latest ‘austerity’ measures and anti-terrorist legislation.
The camera outside my front door will record my time of departure, whilst the street camera/microphones will pick up my muted ‘hello’ to the neighbour. I will drive to the rail station, passing beneath the numerous number plate recognition camera’s, my entire journey being recorded for posterity. At the station, the chip in my arm will register my arrival, opening the gate to admit me. I shall find a seat amongst the impassive passengers, all sitting in silence, ear phones in place.
The posters on the carriage walls tell us that all activity is filmed and recorded.
For our own safety, of course.
As I leave the train, the chip in my arm will record the destination and automatically deduct the cost of my journey from my bank account. I look up at the CCTV cameras that follow my every move. On entering my place of work, the chip releases the security doors and I am scanned, to make sure I carry no weapons, so they say. I then sit down at my computer. 7 turgid hours will pass, because all e-mail, conversation and time away from desk are monitored.
All conversation must be work based, any other topic is a sack-able offence.
Several e-mails remain unseen, because they are accompanied by a message, ‘ This mail has been blocked for your own protection’, and you while away the day wondering what monstrous evil they contained, so bad that I am not allowed to view them.
At the end of my shift, I shall return home, once more in silence, eat a revolting meal of processed shit and then watch several hours of mindless television, consisting of celebrity game shows, a sealed house harbouring 20 people in straight-jackets who keep trying to head butt each other, and ‘documentaries’ about multi millionaires leading empty, vacuous lives.
The news will inform me of how the latest Government anti-terrorist legislation has led to yet another terrorist plot being foiled, will inform me that there is yet another faceless enemy from a middle eastern country who threatens our very way of life and so must be destroyed, and finally they will release the latest results from the Governments ‘happiness’ survey, telling us how wonderful our lives are.
Then, just as I get up to retire for the night, I will tell the camera that is built into the set to go “f**k itself”.

I shall then go to bed, and cry myself to sleep, saying ‘How did we ever let them do this to us?’

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