Monday, 27 July 2015

Lord Sewel is a plonker - - - -

- - - -there are far worse things going on in government

Good to see that bastion of morality the Sun claiming the moral high ground. Nothing sleazy in their cupboards. Going to the lengths of setting up the latest plonker to fall for yet another sting then having it make number one story in the mainstream media gives pause for thought.

While folk are chuckling and nudging each other in the ribs there are some pretty massive stories sliding under the radar.

For instance, how about Ian ‘Loathsome’ Smith’s ruse to rename child poverty? Struggling and hungry children are to be suddenly re-classified as thriving. Straight out of Dr Osborne’s school of politics. Remarkable how the ‘minimum wage’ has suddenly become the ‘living wage.’ But not for the Tory toffs…..they need a few bob more than that as evidenced by that not-so-nice but still very dim Minister who claimed to be struggling on £90k a year.
Or how about MPs having all their communications tapped by the security services? Something that goes right to the heart of our democracy. Barely a whiff reached the popular news outlets.
Or even the way the Tories walked away from an election promise to help the elderly with their care bills. Must have been worth a few votes among the aged that one. Last week it emerged that it has been scrapped until “2020” when no doubt it will re-appear on that screed of election bullshit aka the Tory manifesto. 
Not to mention the way the warplanes are revving up again despite not having one ounce of coherence in their strategic thinking. Are we for or against Assad this week? What happens if an embedded pilot gets shot down…..Oh, and did we really spend £330 million bombing Libya and barely £25 million helping them rebuild? We surely did. 

Never mind. There is some old fool with his kit off tooting up on a grainy video to entertain us and keep our brains anaesthetised. The collusion of the so-called serious media in all of this justifies Shamocracy’s advice to avoid our major news channels. 

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