Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Lies, big lies and New Labour

It has been fascinating to watch the New Labour machine at work. First we get outright denial, then a grudging acceptance that things do get heated and that, “Gordon is a passionate man.” That is ‘passionate’ in the sense of rages and physical abuse of inanimate objects. The machine then goes from rebuttal into full attack mode.

Anyone who dares to contradict the stated line can expect to have their history trawled over but by who? Researchers? The Security Services? Friendly journalists are then briefed. Party wolves descend on the studios to put the boot into the truth and do as much damage to the reputation of opponents as possible.

Remember this is what Brown has been doing for many years – to people who were supposed to be colleagues! Does the name McBride ring any bells? He was not a loose cannon despite claims to the contrary. There are many ‘advisors,’ paid for by us, from our taxes, who exist to threaten, smear, grease and smarm the way for their masters.

What a rotten way to run a country.

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