Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Wire

Just completed another series of ‘The Wire.’ Venal and corrupt politics tie in with ineffective and corrupt administration in the Baltimore Police, Docks and Schools departments. The outcome is a failing city – all documented with gritty realism in engaging and provocative multi-layered scenarios. All very credible.

Does any of this ring any bells? Day by day we hear more stories about our venal and corrupt politicians. Forget expenses for a minute. Take a look at Network Rail and how it is kept off the public balance sheet and not scrutinised because it is, “A Private Company.”

But, and it is one hell of a but, we pay billions in public funds annually to keep this ‘private’ company rolling. Far more than was ever paid in annual subsidies to the old British Rail. To cap it all the head honchos of this private company pay themselves enormous salaries.

There are too many similar examples. A bit of tweaking with our political system will simply not do. Root, stem, branch, twig and leaf reform is essential. Decent people have to take over. 

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