Friday, 29 April 2011

Bullingdon is back

Oh Dear! Beneath the smooth veneer of a Surrey Jaguar car salesman there lies an atavistic attitude and a contempt for lesser mortals. Given a comfortable ride and an easy brief, Cameron oozes charm and competence. Prick his bubble and a darker, more repugnant side emerges. 
The deeply repulsive Bullingdon Club, featuring such alumni as Boris Johnson and George Osborne as well as Cameron, flaunted their wealth and status. They operated on the simple premise that, “We are very, very  rich and can do what we like, when we like and to whom we like.” This included trashing restaurants and upsetting decent folk on a regular basis.” Large wodges of cash would be used to help pay for the shenanigans as the Hoorays wandered off into the night. 
Cameron’s  “Calm down dear” comments come straight from the ‘BullingdonClub Rules for a Tewwific Night Out’ Section two, entitled, ‘Showing contempt for oiks.’
“Members will score highly whenever a deeply patronising attitude is used to an oik. The score will be doubled if the recipient is female; trebled if female and elderly and quadrupled if the insult is delivered in tones of the purest condescension.” 
(This last section is made up but you get the idea).
Cameron may well score highly with his Bullingdon chums. It plays badly in the decent real world.
Would you buy a Jag from this man?

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