Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Super Dooper Injunctions

The news that Andrew Marr has admitted that he took out a Super Injunction will surprise no-one in the Westminster Bubble. It rapidly emerged that the media and most politicians (aka ‘the chattering classes) exchange gossip on these matters on a regular basis. They knew but we didn’t. 
Does it matter? Not so much in the many cases of footballers and their affairs with grannies or slappers. But when an international company covers up the evil dumping of toxic material in a third world country using these gagging orders then it clearly does. They are so powerful that one has been applied to the whole world! 
This iniquitous process has created a two-tier system. The rich and powerful can increasingly buy silence, cover-up and privilege. At the same time the poor and the vulnerable are having legal aid budgets slashed. 
All in this together? Bollocks. 

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