Monday, 15 April 2013

Thatcher and Blair

There are many bubble-dwellers who are quite beside themselves. They have discovered that their rosy-golden-dewy-eyed view of Thatcher is not shared by millions outside the South-East. And not by many millions in inner London either.

Michael Portaloo tried to write a measured article in the Observer yesterday, claiming that Thatcher had put the ‘Great’ back into Britain. Others have said the same. Mainly fawning tory dimwits. The self-same dimwits who vehemently oppose the ‘nanny state’ but seem to regard Thatcher as their Ultima Nanny.

Portaloo rather gave the game away when he mentioned that his first meeting with Thatcher was when he was a newly minted Special Adviser aged 22. TWENTY-TWO. Clearly a life well lived then. A classic example of the political class at work. He went on to justify the defeat of the miners but said little or nothing about the damage to vibrant communities across the land - or the creation of a benefit culture in the same places - which - irony of ironies - the tories are now savaging - to save money to pay off their banking chums’ calamitous search for bonuses. 

The creation of the greed culture so prevalent from the 80’s onwards was not mentioned. 

Neither was much made of the sell-off of the ‘family jewels’ - odd that at a time when Ofgem has condemned the big six power companies for ripping off the public. As Ken Loach so aptly put it, the funeral should have been put out to tender with the contract going to the lowest bidder. To see the Daily Hate condemn ‘lefties’ for opposing a state funeral - paid for by the state - takes some comprehending.

The guff award for the most cringeworthy contribution (so far) goes to the Reverend Blair. He clearly identified with Thatcher - and in return was rated as someone who would not overturn the damage done.  

To listen to Blair waxing lyrical was the final straw. To think that this unconvicted criminal has the nerve to advise Miliband the Younger, along with his acolytes Milburn, Blunkett and Mandelson, shows just how far to the right New Labour became. All four of them made themselves extremely rich by ‘serving the nation’. 

Anyone desperate to avoid the incandescent rage of the Daily Hate, the slobbering of the Torygraph or the arslikhan festival carried on by the rest of the mainstream media should try the following link. 

It gives a different point of view.

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