Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Thatcher Funeral

An Era Ends 

“The end of an era? The current political landscape suggests the Thatcher legacy remains. But for many this is something to oppose. Rejoice? Not over the death of a frail and confused 87-year-old lady. This one’s for the miners, the steelworkers, the firefighters, the shipbuilders, the millions unemployed, the injustices the Hillsborough families were forced to endure, the Poll Tax protesters, hose who lost their lives on HMS Sheffield, and the Belgrano, for what? It’s for the women of Greenham Common and the Trident missiles we didn’t want. For the Gay men and Lesbians and the prejudice of Clause 28. For Blair Peach and all those who suffered at the hands of the SPG. For Peter Wright and Spycatcher. For those affected by the racism sparked by suggestions of a ‘swamped’ culture. For the NHS and the nurses, our schools and teachers, the council houses sold off, the privatisation of our public utilities, railways and buses. For our school milk. And for the reputation of St Francis of Assisi. 

In remembrance of all we lost 1979-90, much of it never returned to us. An individual life we remember with decent human sympathy. But lifetimes remembered too, scarred by divisions we’ll never forget.” philosophyfootballkeynotes Spring 13

“Already several arrests in London, for 'not looking solemn enough'. Police viewing 'anyone whose eyes aren't moist' with suspicion” Mark Steel 17/4/13

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