Monday, 13 January 2014

Academies: yet more Tory corruption

Taxpayer-funded academy chains have paid millions of pounds into the private businesses of directors, trustees and their relatives, documents obtained from freedom of information requests show.
The payments have been made for a wide range of services including consultancy fees, curriculums, IT advice and equipment, travel, expenses and legal services by at least nine academy chains.” Guardian Online 12/1/14

powertothepeople had this to say in response:

The poor subsidising the rich.
Can someone please explain to me why so called 'benefits cheats' are condemned as vermin, yet directors of Academy schools and their trustees who are, by and large cheating the system more so, are not.
DOUBLE STANDARDS OR WHAT. One reason why Tory politicians cannot ever be trusted.”

Jo Vince was less than impressed:

“... figures from the Tories, for all their tough talk about private being good for business...
it is all a racket, a facade to fleece money from the public...
you know those rackets in the US at the peak of prohibition, where you get a front shop selling magazines and candy, and behind there is casino and alcohol selling galore...
now they are doing it everywhere, from the NHS to Education to Social Security, Prisons, Utilities, Transport, 'Criminal' Justice, Law and 'Order'... anything is game for them...
this is what the Tories do, the corrupt corrupting Party...
are you listening, Nick Clegg, collaborator and traitor to the British Public...”

captainbeefheart had this to add:

“It's a gravy train for Gove's mates and others like him. What's so hard to understand? Is it me?

This brought the the following response from ‘VSLVSL’:

“Let's stop calling it by the euphemism "gravy train".
Let's start being honest and call it what it is - corruption.”

originofthespecies spoke for many:

God, how I detest and loathe this government and all it stands for.”

Can we rely on Milibean and Labour to do any better? Hardly. 

Remember ‘Cash for Honours’? Or the Iraq Dossier? Or the numerous Ministers who oversaw developments in their department then promptly moved into the same industry on a big salary? For example Hewitt helping to privatise parts of the NHS, then stepped down and got a job on the Board at Boots. 

It is time for a massive clearout of all these chancers, sleazeballs and, let us be frank, crooks.

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