Sunday, 26 January 2014

Gove v Wilshaw

The spat between these two masters of the educational universe - at least in England anyway - will not arouse much sympathy with ‘hard working teachers’. Gove, the little squit who comes up with a wheeze a week, and wants to privatise state education is deeply arrogant and very unpleasant. The fact that Wilshaw, the man he described as ‘his hero,’ has turned nasty with Gove’s department will not disturb him for too long. Wilshaw is the ex-headteacher who now runs OFSTED, the organisation known for moving the inspection goalposts almost annually. Wilshaw does not rate the people he worked with all that much. ‘Show me a happy staffroom and I will show you a failing school’ and ‘a teacher who is not stressed is not doing their job.’ Yippee. Such a motivator. 

This is one of those rare occasions when any sentient being would welcome a lose-lose outcome. Bring it on.

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