Thursday, 13 March 2014

Another Day - Another Squillion

Yet another Obese Feline deems himself above the common herd. Ocado boss Tim Stevens has awarded himself a big pay rise – despite his company not making a profit. Fancy that!

Only recently, on the very same day, Barclay’s troughers hugged themselves with glee at the bonuses they awarded each other, despite serious malpractice allegations, they slipped out that they were ‘releasing’ several thousand loyal staff to help maximise their profits - - - and bonuses.

Murdoch Arslikhan protege Hunt has squished any sense of fairness today by refusing to give the go-ahead to a less-than-inflation 1% to NHS staff. Is this austerity delivered across the board?

Well no. The departing head of HR at the NHS has just received a handsome payoff. Has Hunt anything to say on the matter? Is he deliberately winding up the nurses and auxiliaries with a view to further denigration of the NHS? Murdoch’s placeman could not possibly be operating to a different agenda could he? 

“You Betcha.”

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