Thursday, 6 March 2014

Scrap the Met

Can this organisation plumb any deeper depths? Can it possibly shock us with yet more revelations of corruption, incompetence, deliberate destruction of evidence and racism. Throw in the use of undercover police (agent provocateurs) to spy on law-abiding grieving families; to tell porkies in courts across the land and to do all this on our taxes. 

Talk about taking the piss. The behaviour of the Met has been outrageous. As flat-capped Deputy this, and Assistant that, rollout in front of the cameras, giving their benign interpretation of awful events, it is absolutely clear they are either colluding with madness, bent or out of their depth.

The Metropolitan Police are not just ‘institutionally racist’ but institutionally rotten through and through. Can they be salvaged? The evidence from today suggests not. They need binning.

Where are the senior plods on a charge for behaving unlawfully? Who knew what and how far up the ladder did all this go? 

Just like GCHQ - who watches the watchmen? As we do not have an organisation or force with the powers to step in, grab all the necessary evidence and take it away for analysis, we are left with complaining impotent politicians and a deteriorating relationship with us, the citizens of this country. 

It is time for root, stem, branch, twig and leaf reform of the police in this country. Hillsborough? Orgreave? West Midlands colluding with Hillsborough? Trust the Met? Fat chance. Trust the police? 

So what next? What other revelations will emerge to shock us? 

We will not have to wait long to find out. 

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