Sunday, 27 April 2014

Beatification of two popes

Are devout catholics singularly stupid or are they colluding with a massive PR exercise? Any sentient being living on planet earth these last five decades will be aware that the catholic clergy have had more than their share of scandal and criminality. 

Children were abused by serial paedophiles operating around the world under the cloak of religious respectability and ‘respect’ for their position. That is not even half the story.

When these poor abused little people summoned up the courage to tell someone in the church what was happening, they were ‘persuaded’ to keep their silence and frequently given the impression that they were somehow to blame. 

The church systematically covered up child abuse; protected the abusers and not the victims and went to great lengths to keep the matter secret. They used their money and influence to protect the sinners and punish the innocent. This was not a one off. Many sick and disturbed men acting as priests took advantage of the trust in their position to abuse children. Suffer little children indeed. 

The damage done to thousand upon thousand of young lives around the world is incalculable. 

The church claims to have learned its lessons and moved on.


The beatification of a pair of popes who were in charge when this abuse and cover up was at its height (one more culpable than the other) yet who maintained the vatican line, is a sick, sick gesture by a deeply corrupt and sinful organisation. 

‘Saint John Paul of the Kiddy Fiddlers Protection Service.’ 

Seeing that outside a church should bring ‘em in.

PS: Watch ‘Calvary’ to improve your understanding.

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