Monday, 7 April 2014

Toxic Tory helps Farrago and UKIP

Oh how Nige must be a wishin’ and a prayin’ that dear old Maria clings on to her job like a superglued limpet. The longer she stays the more damage she does. Nige and his merry chums have run riot with EU expenses in their brief time there but none of that matters. The old politics derided by Call Me Dave (CMD) when in opposition are back and ramping up the UKIP vote. 

On the 22nd May, Farrago and his chums will be hoping to win the European election and thereby give themselves a springboard for the General Election in May 2015. 

Many Tory MPs are more than aware of this having had their ears bent over the weekend. CMD is making another bollocks of things. Good. The sooner they are out of office the better. 

However - who will represent the decent people of Britain (or England, Wales and N. Ireland if Scotland vote ‘Yes’)? The swivel-eyed loons are getting more than their fair share of time in the limelight. 

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