Saturday, 9 August 2014

Cash for Corruption

Judge them by what they do (continued)....

We are told that we have the ‘Mother of all Parliaments’ and that a revising second chamber is an essential part of the democratic process. So how come peerages are given by party leaders to people who have given their party lots of money? In what way is any of this ‘democratic?’ 

Folks who think this is trivial should cast their minds back to when the egregious Health Service Act passed through both houses with the open support of over 200 members of the Commons and the Lords who were on the private medicine payroll. They did not have to declare an interest and withdraw. Oh no. They got to reward their paymasters by voting through measures which will adversely affect the bulk of the populace. 

There is more, much more. A little taste……

Osborne rewarded hedge fund Tory donors with  £145million of tax cuts. Not bad for a £4million donation. 

Cameron hosts secret parties of oligarchs and tax avoiders to stump up cash for his corrupt party. 
At these dinners the tax avoiders sit alongside the men responsible for tax and deregulation - Gauke and Fallon. 

Cable chooses a bunch of sharks to help him flog off the Royal Mail and is ‘surprised’ when they break their word and rip-off the country. 

Our system is deeply corrupt and rotten at the top. Give the masses celeb game shows and let them snooze on while national assets are plundered. 

“Is this what Cameron meant by 'transparency'? They don't even bother to hide it anymore, when so many people with vested interests in private healthcare are allowed to march through the lobbies to vote to enrich themselves, when people who donate billions are openly rewarded with peerages, then they've given up the pretence, our system is openly corrupt.Sickbag commenting online Guardian.


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