Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Lady Warsi resigns

Well done Warsi! Not words I have ever imagined writing. At last one of our spineless Cabinet has stood up to the ‘Friends of Israel’ who dominate UK foreign policy over Palestine. It is not common knowledge that the UK enjoys arms sales of over £8bn with the Israelis. At the same time money from the UK is sent as aid to Gaza. Not £8 bn. Nowhere near. So we give the Israelis the means to blow children up……. then we give chickenfeed to Gaza as a conscience sop.  

Up    Couldn’t  You   Make   It. (Re - arrange this well-known phrase or saying). 

Cameron was into the Middle-East like a rat up a pipe when the Arab Spring began. He turned up with a good selection of our biggest arms dealers. We see dead children - he sees more bucks for each bang. 

Feed the Greedy - Sod the Needy - Vote Tory

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