Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Bombing our way to peace…..or not!

The political commentator on Channel 4 News had an interesting observation tonight. He gave the reason that the ‘Heir to Blair’ had delayed getting involved in the latest assault on the Middle East ‘because it would have reminded Scots of the Iraq War,’ so he preferred to get the Referendum out of the way first. How cynical is that?

Has anyone else noticed how the media are all in favour with a near unanimous view that we will be joining in after the Commons vote on Friday? Where are the voices representing the large mass of this country who are sick of war and the lies we are told? The vote to begin killing lots of people  will take place after MPs have looked duly solemn and mouthed sufficient platitudes. None of the slimy bastards will stand up and say something like this. “Mr Speaker, I am in favour of us bombing hell out of even more parts of Iraq because I have another nice little earner with a security company - who are a subdivision of a large arms manufacturer - and I, and they, will make lots of lovely money.” 

In a local council meeting people have to declare an interest. Doesn’t happen in Parliament. The worst recent example was over 200 MPs and Lords voting through the catastrophic Bill preparing the NHS for privatisation. Not one of them mentioned they had received big bucks from private medical companies. 

Why should our elite behave differently when it comes to killing people? 

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