Friday, 19 September 2014

Referendum result - later the same day…..

Well that wheeze lasted barely 12 hours before unravelling. The hastily cobbled together “Broon Plan,” where a  series of toys and baubles were offered to the rebellious Scots to persuade them not to vote ‘Yes,’ has already unravelled. By 7-05 am Call Me Lucky was outside Downing Street mouthing platitudes undiscussed with the other members of the pact. 

By bringing up the West Lothian Question - a problem which has perplexed Parliament for many years - Call Me Lucky has put the Labour party in a corner. Pact ripped up. Blame game on the way - oh - there is also the small matter of the bitterest, nastiest general election ever on the horizon. 

All you nay sayers in Scotland are advised to batten down the hatches as angry yessers tell you were used as convenient doormats for the corporate elite. Some of you may well have been turned away from the path of Yes by Gordie McBroon’s impassioned speeches. 

If he succeeded in persuading just over 5 in every hundred to stay with the union then he swung the vote. On a false promise. Which will not be delivered. As he probably knew….

Ever been had? Well you have now. 


(to be sung to the tune ‘We’re in the money’

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