Friday, 29 May 2015

FIFA and corruption in the UK

FIFA and corruption in the UK

Amongst all the outrage and disgust at the actions of the execrable Blatter and his crew of bagmen, swindlers and fiddlers, there was very little said about the role the UK plays in maintaining and servicing these corrupt leeches. Why has it taken the American authorities to begin the process of cleaning up a major world institution? As Craig Murray reveals in his latest blog:

‘The FBI had somebody wearing a wire at the London Olympics to capture the FIFA corruption taking place in the margins. What were the British authorities doing? Nothing.
Britain prides itself as having in London the world’s leading financial centre. Substantial assets, both financial and real estate, from FIFA corruption are located in London. But Britain has taken over the crown from Switzerland as the major financial destination which will always protect ill-gotten wealth.
Alisher Usmanov played a major role as bagman for the corrupt Russian World Cup bid, particularly with delegates from FIFA’s Asian Confederation. His place as Britain’s third richest resident is very obviously based on extreme Russian corruption and he rose to power and wealth solely with the use of gangster muscle and contacts he gained and expanded while serving a prison sentence for blackmail. But he is a billionaire and beloved by the City of London so there is no danger of him ever being investigated in the UK.
That a key figure in FIFA corruption over Russia’s World Cup bid, is undisturbed in his large shareholding in Arsenal FC, says everything about the complicity of the British establishment.
Usmanov’s friend Gulnara Karimova is a startling example. She is now under formal investigation in Switzerland, France, Sweden and the Netherlands over the glaringly corrupt origins of her billions. Only a fake house arrest by her father has prevented her real arrest. Yet in the UK, where she has three homes including one in the No.1 Hyde Park criminals’ hangout, where she shops regularly and her son is at university, there is no move against her whatsoever.
I am delighted to see the moves against FIFA. But to me they illustrate very plainly what a corrupt stinking hole London has become.’

Anyone in any doubt about the above need only to look back to the fund raising dinners hosted by the Tory Party. A more unsavoury bunch of characters it would be hard to find: 
Russian oligarchs - tick    Offshore tax avoiders - tick   Bankers - tick
Financiers (spivs) - tick   Oil magnates - tick.

Now why would these disparate creeps attend a Tory fundraiser at a cost of 10k per head? What could they possibly hope to get out of sitting next to a Tory Minister for an evening? 

Yes FIFA is corrupt and deeply rotten. So is the UK.

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