Thursday, 7 May 2015

Root Canal Election

How appropriate to spend 90 minutes in the dentist’s chair on election day undergoing root canal treatment. The experience was lengthy, unpleasant, involved a lot of very careful drilling and being a rear tooth meant the gagging reflex kicked in. It also felt like it went on for ever and it was also costly. How similar to the current election. 

It has been an execrable campaign. The Tories have majored on lies, bribes and threats. Labour have been supine in response, working a ‘don’t rock the boat’ approach, which has been singularly uninspiring. The LibDems also whitewashed their malign influence within the coalition - secret courts? Bedroom tax? Massive reorganisation of the NHS setting it up for privatisation?

UKIP finally being exposed for the bastards they are but still having a lot of silent support. The Greens having the best values but little chance of effecting meaningful change. Then there is the SNP. The treatment of Nicola Sturgeon by the Sun sums up the mendacity of Murdoch’s rag. In England and Wales they depicted her as a semi naked Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball. Meanwhile across the border the Scottish edition of the Sun backed Sturgeon and the SNP. The Tory scare about the SNP has resonated with middle England. Their tactics perfectly exemplify just how shallow and and base the current Tory party is. They are prepared to split the UK to achieve their aim of being the largest party so they can best serve their masters in the City of London.
The disconnect between us, the electors, and them the elected, just got a lot a wider. Billions of cuts to come but don’t tell the masses. Major issues undiscussed - Foreign policy, Education, Snooping/Human Rights Act, privatisation, pensions and above all the rotten state of our politics. 

Something can be done about our shitty politics - massive reform. 

Not sure what can be done about shitty teeth….

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