Friday, 2 April 2010

Broken Britain

Much Tory talk about ‘Broken Britain’ citing sink estates and benefit fraud. No sign of them looking in the mirror.

The problems in our society exist at its heart in the Westminster and City Bubble. This area contains most of our venal, arrogant, smug, stupid and criminally short-sighted citizens within a very small area.

As Deborah Orr put it in yesterdays Guardian, “The reality is that Broken Britain can be found right in the middle of London, where the political process and the economic process are both too highly concentrated. Their denizens live in a fool’s paradise where everyone is rich, everyone is greedy for more and no one thinks there is anything wrong with it.”

The prospect of a hung Parliament alarms these staunch defenders of privilege. Uncertainty! The City does not like it. Their bonuses are at risk. The Political Class does not like it. Their career plans are at risk. The media are not too happy either, as their largely cosy relationship with the bubble would be rattled and making sense of a new reality would entail much hard work and many less liquid lunches.

Bring it on!

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