Monday, 12 April 2010

Planet Peculiar

What a strange world this is. Our politicians keep having a pop at each other about ‘efficiency savings’, which to everyone else means cuts and job losses. The numbers involved in our debt are huge - £160+ billion a year to service the debt. That is like paying off the interest on a mortgage but it does nothing to reduce the overall debt, which is in the trillions. All we hear about are £6 billion here and £2 billion there. Doesn’t even begin to tackle the problem. We are in danger of becoming another Greece.
They are not being honest with us. That the remnants of the ‘Rotten Parliament’ are less than straight should not be a surprise to any of us. They seem wilfully to want to exclude us from their plans. Photo opportunities here, Leaders wives there, bullshit everywhere.
We need and should demand complete honesty and settle for nothing less. We should prick their balloons. [This last sentence is suitable for spoonering]

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  1. Talking of photo-ops, I see the Tories are going to launch their manifesto at Battersea Power Station - I wonder if it comes complete with Pink Floyd's flying pigs?

    Keep up the good work BigStu!