Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Hustings? What hustings?

The principal reason for the return from Scotland is to engage with the Election. In particular, to raise the issue of Parliamentary reform, as often as possible, in a variety of forums.  Reports from meetings attended will feature in this blog.
Have trawled the internet to try to find out when and where election hustings meetings are being held. It is a thankless task. As yet there is not a lot of information and what there is exists on some obscure websites.

Macclesfield have not had such an event for 40 years. However, now that the odious Winterton has left the scene there are a series of meetings scheduled. The local electorate have the chance to see the man who Tory Central Office sent them. He was a ‘Special Advisor” to the treasury and clearly well established in the Westminster bubble.

In some constituencies there will not be an occasion where the public can see all their candidates at one event. The Tatton constituency had their meeting before the election race began. As George Osborne is the sitting MP he will not be available. He will spend his time instead no doubt whizzing around the country going from ‘photo op’ to ‘visit’ via the odd tv interview. At each photo op he will meet specially briefed Tory activists who will cheer and look eternally grateful for a glimpse of the heavenly body who has deigned to descend from his lofty perch to walk among them.

Its sick bag time again.

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