Saturday, 11 June 2011

Phone Hacking - the plot thickens.

We were told at the outset that the phone hacking scandal was the work of a rogue reporter and an unprincipled private investigator. The revelations this week that the Met sat on another mountain of evidence gained during a separate murder investigation comes as no surprise. Yet again the stench of corruption wafts from the Met. 
The Met’s response shows they have learnt nothing. “Outside our remit,” is their current line. They have admitted that the original investigation into the affair carried out by Andy Hayman was, “inadequate.” This was some time after he left the Met to go to work as a columnist for News International. The same News International that he was supposed to be investigating. 
Therein lies the rub. The symbiotic relationship between some members of the Met and Fleet Street is stinky. Very stinky. So stinky that it is high time another force was put in charge of this investigation. 
It is interesting also to note that the story hardly warrants a mention in the Murdoch news sections but columnists taking the digger’s shilling are less restrained. And guess what? They think all these plods devoted to uncovering their organs wrongdoings is a waste of time and money. Fancy that. Clarkson and McKenzie, unprincipled whores for hire. 
Hypocrisy central, aka the Daily Mail, never mentions the subject. Odd that. The Mirror similarly are reticent. Could they be pooping themselves that somewhere a sackful of emails and documents will put them in the frame? 
The Guardian newspaper had scorn and derision poured on it by most of the rest of the media for continuing to chip away at this story. They were accused of breaking the code whereby paper does not turn on paper. Even they must be amazed at the way more and more becomes public knowledge.
Pressure is now increasing for a Public Enquiry. On oath with full legal powers. Brookes, Dacre, Coulson et al. It is such a delightful prospect that it will not happen. Too many powerful people would be unhappy. And those powerful people know which political strings to pull. Don’t they Mr Cameron?

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