Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Blatter the Twatter

And so the ‘family,’ as Mr Twatter likes to call it has spoken. ‘Two -thirds of us come from very poor parts of the world and we love getting brown envelopes stuffed with dollar bills.’
Mr Twatter knows his constituency. He also knows his Switzerland. The land where anti-corruption laws are disapplied to world governing bodies. The land where the banks guard their secrecy and their clients with zeal and determination. The land which appears to have severed its embarrassment gene.
The same two-thirds regard our FA with justifiable contempt. No strangers to corruption themselves, they knew full well what the game was when they bid to host the 2018 World Cup. The opprobrium poured on honest journalists who had the temerity to lift the lid on the scorpions nest by the FA was sickening in its hypocrisy. The squealing afterwards was equally gutless. 
The ‘FIFA family’ is an apt description - modelled as it is on the long line of poor Italians from Sicily who also described themselves as ‘families.’
As for Coca-Cola, Adidas  and the Emirates etc? They will only act when the stench is so overpowering it badly affects their business. 
Some way to go yet.

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