Thursday, 30 June 2011

Credibility and Frances Maude

Credibility: not a word usually associated with the slimy, venal piece of ordure otherwise known as Frances Maude. When he mentioned it during a ding-dong with Mark Serwotka on the Today programme, it stretched credulity so much it felt like the bottom of a vast barrel had just been scraped and found wanting. 
Maude is the MP who had a spat with the Commons expenses authority so bought a flat on a £345,000 mortgage barely 300 yards away from one of his homes in London. He then claimed £35000+ over two years. From the public purse. Even though he is a millionaire with four properties to his name. 
This is the same public purse that he is now so eager to protect from the needs of decent folk. But as they say, he broke no rules - - - - because the rules were made up by similar cheating, conniving scum like him (aka ‘other MPs).
The fact that he is now a Minister says all you need to know about the standards of the government and of Cameron’s ‘clean up’ of politics. 

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