Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bannerman case is a disgrace. 
“A well known student fees activist” has been arrested for hanging a banner berating the LibDems for their fees U-turn outside his flat window in Birmingham while the LibDem Conference was going on. In this land of free speech and democracy he would expect to be ignored or at worst a ticking off. Not in these anti-protest days. He was remanded to Winson Green prison, bail was refused and so he is now in jail awaiting trial - for hanging a banner outside his flat!
What is going on? It is clear that there is a move to crush dissent whether by kettling, clubbing or harassing protesters. Orders have gone out to the plods. But who is pulling the strings? Who is ordering this totally OTT approach to protest? It is so stupid it smacks of our political class circling their wagons to ward off attacks.
Any suggestions?

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