Saturday, 3 September 2011

Looters ,Bankers and Councillors - Spot the Difference!
Thanks to Private Eye we learnt the following:
“Those who make the wrong decision, who engage in criminality, must be identified, arrested and punished, and we will make sure that happens.” 11 August. Home Secretary Theresa May outlines her no-nonsense approach to criminal justice.
“The United Kingdom further states that the criminal prosecution of bank employees due to participation in tax offences is highly unlikely.” 23 August. Clause in UK-Swiss tax deal agreed by chancellor George Osborne, proving there’s one set of laws for Britain’s teenage miscreants and another for its bankers.
If only Nicholas Robinson, sentenced to six months in prison for stealing £3-50 worth of mineral water during the recent riots, had been middle class and middle-aged, rather than poor and young. In the same week he was sent to prison, a former Liberal Democrat councillor Chritopher Basson, received a jail sentence from Westminster magistrates of 28 days suspended for a year. His offence was to fraudulently claim £12,000 in incapacity benefits while receiving £26,000 in allowances from Camden council.
 And Justice for all? 

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