Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Clunking Clegg and Moribund Miliband
What is it with our so called leaders? What turns apparently intelligent human beings into walking speak your weight machines? Listening to the ‘highlights’ on Radio 4 it was a reminder of how bad things have become. Clegg’s speech was awful yet was received politely by the Christmas turkeys aka the Liberal Democrats. Miliband’s was also poor, despite a walkthrough last night. A walkthrough! What about his values. What does he believe in? Apart from being in power. 
Remember Kinnock taking on the Militant tendency? Now that was democracy in action. That was leadership, not the anodyne twaddle served up by the Clegg Miliband combo. These stage-managed blandishments reflect badly on the leaders - and also their followers who sit there dutifully clapping at the right time (having been told to) and rise as one (again on cue). Eat your heart out Stalin. No doubt Cameron will do a professional job next week but it will be equally vapid and equally appalling.
As this dreadful conference season grinds by there is the feel of being attacked by a series of dementors. All positivity, life and hope is sucked away. All that remains is a desiccated husk. Each mention on  TV or radio news provokes further despair. The political class who currently rule us lack the passion or belief to inspire, provoke or at the very least inform us that  there are alternatives to the current orthodoxy in which bankers and greed are sacrosanct and the poor take the hit.
The political class, quite bluntly, lack class.

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