Thursday, 5 April 2012

A letter to my MP

Feel free to use part, all, or none of the below to let your LibDem/Tory MP know what you think

5th April 2012
Dear Mr MP
Not been the best few weeks for the Conservative party has it? 
  • The budget rewarding the rich at the expense of pensioners and those on middle incomes.
  • The same budget ripping up any pretensions to be the ‘greenest government ever.’
  • Passing the un-manifesto’d NHS Bill - accompanied by the thumping of the Cabinet table by your public school leaders.
  • The fuel fiasco exacerbated by unconvicted expenses cheat Maude and the leaked ‘Thatcher moment’ email.
  • Cash for Access - and the way Cameron later failed to list the events organised by Cruddas thereby undermining claims of transparency.
Not bad for starters. A time for reflection and regrouping would be in order......but no! It now appears that any claims to be hot on civil liberties have also been shredded. 

Secret Justice is not justice. It denies generations of fairness and transparency and takes us back to the days of the Star Chamber. In short - it stinks. Similarly the idea that the government should have access to all our emails, phone calls and web transactions. This is barmy and disgraceful in equal measure. It also represents practices operated by the worst authoritarian regimes - as well as sending out encouragement to regimes as yet un-repressive. 
There is a massive problem with both these proposals and it is trust. We the citizens of this country do not trust our governments any more. We were lied to about Iraq, and there can be no bigger lie than taking a country to war on a lie. We were lied to about the NHS (almost as big) and we continue to be lied to about tax evasion and all being in this together. 
Your party failed to win the last election because the ‘toxic tory’ tag still resonated especially in the north and Scotland. You were faced with a government in meltdown and a Prime Minister who had massive problems. You should have walked the election and didn’t. You will have great difficulty at the next election convincing any rational voter you mean what you say and say what you mean.
Recent policies/events have re-affirmed that the Toxic Tories are back. Supported by their quisling LibDem colleagues the government are confirming the impression that we are governed by the few on behalf of the even fewer. Upcoming appearances by Blair, Cameron et al at the Leveson Inquiry will no doubt reinforce this message.
As a Conservative MP who stood on the platform of putting the interests of his constituents first, what are you going to do about it?
Yours sincerely

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