Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Transparent as mud and bent as a nine-bob note*. 
Another chapter in the deeply unsavoury world of UK politics. This time it is Jeremy Hunt the Culture Minister caught schmoozing with the Murdoch empire at a time when he was acting in a ‘quasi-judicial’ role adjudicating on their bid to buy the rest of BSkyB. 
Tomorrow Murdoch senior turns up at Leveson. His recent tweets show that he has fallen out big time with the Cameron Conman crew. His rags have been noticeably putting the boot in, from the sting exposing ‘cash for access’, to the coverage of the budget. Mind you, they have been given plenty of ammunition by this hapless bunch of posh boys.
Camercon had a little mention today too. He did discuss the BSkyB bid at that pre-Christmas meal with Rebekah Brooks and James Murdoch. Well blow me down. Fancy that! The 1% being helped by their lackeys currently running the country. 
Camercon will be more concerned about what will come out tomorrow. He will be working hard tonight with his PR team to come up with a strategy which makes him a little less muddy. The line he used so effectively when the expenses scandal broke is the likeliest approach. “Yes we have sinned, but I am determined to sort it out.” Well we know how that panned out. A handful of arrogant and stupid scapegoats went to jail. A few old duffers retired and several others were kicked out at the election. The majority of the rest carried on with business as usual, albeit a tad more carefully. Some sort out.
As for Hunt, he will hope to ride out the current demands for his resignation, knowing that Rupe will in all likelihood spill the beans on NewLabour too. The fact that Camercon hasn’t sacked him says it all. 
Listening to him giving his statement reminded me of the ‘Sword of Truth, Shield of Honour’ guff that Jonathon Aitken came out with when he took on the Guardian. 
Another few steps towards the national election nervous breakdown....
*nine-bob note = a reference to some thing being fake from the days of yore when such a thing as a ten shilling note existed

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