Saturday, 28 April 2012

Leveson says no
It is not often that an embarrassing issue, supposedly despatched into the long grass, is unceremoniously booted back into play. That is what happened this evening when Lord Justice Leveson declared that the shenanigans surrounding the Culture Minister were nothing to do with him or his Inquiry. 
Yet again the brains at No.10 have screwed up. Once the damaging emails emerged during James Murdoch’s appearance at the Inquiry there would have been a frantic gathering deciding how best to play what looked like corruption in high places. Well they did not do their reparation did they? No-one checked with the judge. Or if they did they got their wires crossed. 
The Downing Street Machine are so useless they cannot even get the cover up sorted. Hunt has to go. He is either inept because he did not know what his Special Advisor was up to (in a hugely sensitive commercial venture) or he is bent. The assurances about transparency and releasing his text messages is so much hogwash. He assured Parliament back in March 2011 that he would release all the documents to do with the bid. The appearance of 160+ pages of emails this week show that he lied to Parliament. Another sacking offence. 
Will he divulge the details of his off the record conversations, briefings and dealings? Will he explain what was said when he had the meeting with Murdoch’s execs in the US well before the last election? Will he reveal what he said to Cameron on his return? Will he explain how it came to pass that a mere six days after he landed back in the UK, James Murdoch met Cameron and pledged the support of The Sun in the upcoming election?
Will he buggery. 
Cameron must be breaking out in cold sweats.........the heat is being turned up on him.

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