Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Olympics - good days to bury bad plans

No-one who knows the squit wishing to privatise education should be in any way surprised that the day the Olympics began was the day it was announced that it was ok for Academies to hire unqualified teachers. 
My old dad used to say judge them by their deeds, not by their words. He was right fifty years ago and he is just as right today. Gove (for it is he) talks with all the skill of a snake-oil salesman but he is a deeply untrustworthy loathsome little shit. He has long term plans to hive off groups of schools calling themselves ‘Academies’ to private companies in this rush to outsource everything of value before they are rumbled. 
As G4S have shown, outsourcing lines the pockets of the bosses, leaves workers undervalued and underpaid and provides a significantly worse service. But they do pay big bucks into Tory coffers so that is alright then.
Watch out for more sneaky underhand press releases from this disreputable bunch of self-serving toerags.

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