Saturday, 21 July 2012

“Two week drug festival on the Thames” Chapter 5

Olympic Police state? 
“The former London 2012 "ethics tsar" Meredith Alexander has accused police of an "Olympic-sized overreaction", saying they broke up a theatre performance designed to highlight the problems of corporate sponsorship of the Games and arrested six people on suspicion of criminal damage for spilling custard.
Alexander, who was behind the event in Trafalgar Square in central London on Friday, quit her role as a commissioner of the Olympic sustainability watchdog earlier this year over the awarding of a £7m Olympic sponsorship deal to Dow Chemical. Dow owns Union Carbide Corporation (UCC), responsible for the 1984 gas disaster in Bhopal, India, which killed 25,000 people.
Alexander described how 25 police officers moved in after the 15-minute piece of theatre, which was performed to explain objections to sponsorship of the Olympics by companies such as Dow, BP and Rio Tinto.
Police sources confirmed that six individuals were arrested in Trafalgar Square for criminal damage. Alexander said the individuals were led away in handcuffs after green custard used in the show spilled on to the ground.
Three of those arrested were actors in the performance, the other three were in the process of cleaning up the custard, which had been poured over the actors.
Alexander said: "Dow, BP and Rio Tinto are spending millions to tell the public how sustainable they are. We did a 15-minute piece of theatre to reveal the truth and as a result of this piece of theatre 25 police officers turned up and six people were arrested. It is an Olympic-sized overreaction."
The performance – entitled Greenwash Gold 2012 awards – involved three actors representing the three companies having the green custard poured over their heads.”
Guardian online 21/7/12
This event becomes more dystopian by the day. 

The actions of 'the authorities' become more and more despicable.

A little ray of sunshine amid the gloom was the news that Cabinet Ministers are reported to be mightily pissed off. They have been banned from the Zil lanes and are supposed to travel to Olympic events by public transport!  On the Tube! 

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  1. Wait until after the games when the lanes will stay for the nomenkaltura and Boris' bike.