Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Olympics: A Wonderful Time To Hide What We Are Up To: Chapter 2

On the day of the Opening Ceremony we had news that Academies could employ untrained teachers. Pretty bad. But wait - there’s worse. How about outsourcing the support system for our nuclear weapons? That’s right. Handing over the running and maintenance of the deadliest weapons in the world to a G4S proxy. Even Torygraph readers were not impressed having read the following:
“The MoD has signed a 15-year contract with ABL Alliance to provide support for the Trident weapons system at HM Naval Base Clyde.
Under the new contract 149 MoD civilian posts will transfer to the alliance.
The jobs are in industrial and technical grades, warehousing and logistic support services, while supervisors and managers are also transferring.
Thirty-nine Royal Navy posts will also be seconded to the alliance, which comprises AWE plc, Babcock and Lockheed Martin UK Strategic Systems (LMUKSS).
The MoD said it decided in May 2011 that the most effective way to sustain the workforce in the future was to use an experienced supplier within the private sector.
ABL Alliance will provide support to the Trident Strategic Weapon System at the Royal Naval Armament Depot (RNAD) Coulport and the Strategic Weapon Support Building (SWSB) Faslane.
The MoD said: "HM Naval Base Clyde has an excellent safety record and we are determined to maintain the highest standards of safety.” Sunday Telegraph 29/7/2012
One of the commentators on the piece expressed the view that ABL Alliance does not even exist yet. He posited the thought that in four or five years it would have current Defence Ministers on its board after they have left office.
A little quote arising from the marvelous opening ceremony points the way forward. A writer on the project said the fact that almost 10,000 people kept the secret didn’t surprise him. “Those volunteers redefined the nation for me. We are told people need to be paid great sums to get results, but those who are motivated by money cock up. Because they’re crap. People who are motivated by things like love, family, friendship and humanity are the ones who have something to offer.” Frank Cottrell Boyce
There are millions of decent people in the UK who are putting up with the follies of a wealthy, greedy, nasty and fundamentally stupid so called elite. 

It is time for a root and branch revolution and put humanity back in charge.

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