Wednesday, 10 October 2012

All In This Together (part 2)

Anyone with half a brain could have worked out that the slogan ‘All in this together’ was dead a long time ago. To trot it out again, as the Bullingdon boy did this week, shows just how out of touch he and his toff chums are. 

Have any bankers or financiers gone to jail for bringing the country to its knees?

Have any bankers gone to jail for the payment protection insurance scandal? The new financial sheriff Martin Wheatley ruled out prison. “In our view this is inappropriate conduct that’s quite a long way short of fraud.” So that’s alright then - or is it?  Systematically selling people policies you know they won’t be able to claim under sounds like a fiddle to me. 

Have any bankers gone to jail for their part in the Libor rate-fixing scandal? Do not hold your breath.

Have any tax-dodgers had their comeuppance?
Has Dave Hartnett (the ex-head of tax who arranged sweetheart deals with Vodaphone and Goldmann-Sachs) been investigated for corruption? 

Is the government still giving huge contracts to companies who tax dodge? You betcha! Try the Accenture group who have been awarded the multi-million contract to develop the IT for the new universal credit system. They run a complex series of arrangements via an Irish subsidiary through Luxembourg. Tax bill £3 million on profits well in excess of £1.5 billion.

Meanwhile another £10 billion is going off the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.

When Osborne delivered his twaddle to the faithful, he should have lowered his trousers and put the microphone between his bottom cheeks. They might then have spotted that he was talking through his arse.

Update 11.55 am Wednesday. Just heard Camercon say, 'We are not the party who help the rich - we are the party who are helping the poorest.' 

Take every testicle off every male in the country and it would still come nowhere near the amount of bollocks in that sentence. 

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