Friday, 5 October 2012

Conservative Party Conference

This is heading to be a diminishing event. There are going to be several notable absentees. There could be some more:

Andrew ‘Thrasher’ Mitchell*: has already decided that he would be a distraction (or was it decided for him?)

Grant Shapps aka Michael Green, Party Chairman: Having been referred to the Advertising Standards Authority with possible further action to follow from Trading standards it will take some brass neck for Green/Shapps to turn up. He seems to have the hide of a rhino.

Justine Greening: very recently moved from Transport to Overseas Aid. The franchise fiasco happened on her watch and when the result was announced she defended it vigorously, but as it turns out wrongly.

Theresa Villiers: Junior Minister who oversaw the Rail franchise calamity. 

Cheryl Gillan: opposed Hs2 and was kicked out as Welsh Secretary. Will not be welcome.

Caroline Spelman: booted out from Environment - could be bitter.

Liam Fox*(with his best mate)

Baroness Warsi*: popular with the heartland - actually asked them what they thought about things. May choose to stay away or re-write her future at the event. Bet she is very sad to see Shapps in such a hole........

Lansley*: as a walking demo - attraction site he will be unwelcome anywhere near Cameron and his cronies.

As will Boris, “I am not interested in being PM” Johnson.  

*Several expenses cheats will turn up and not be challenged or booed including Gove, Maude, and Osborne. They will be well-received by the uber-plebs of the tory shires. 

There will be much hot air and hyperbolic claptrap rattled out by the most incompetent government in my lifetime. Behind the scenes there is talk of trouble and strife but in the Hall it will be stage-managed to a fault. Try and deliver similar hogwash to a meeting of the general public and see how good it is.

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