Monday, 8 October 2012

'The Intruders' reveal another nasty toff.

Thrasher Mitchell is not alone. He is one of many. Another prize plonker is Robert Venables QC who came out with the wonderful Toff line, “You are trespassing scum. Go.”
This happened when some bright young things, posing as representatives of Goldman-Sachs and Vodaphone, gatecrashed a very posh leaving do for Dave Hartnett the top tax man. They gave him a ‘golden handshake’ thanking him for saving their companies billions. Another gem from the toff was “Leave before we set the dogs on you.” 

This took place at New College , Oxford and is well worth a look. Google ‘We are the intruders.’ to get another glimpse of our betters in fine form. 

It also reminds us of just how much these bastards rob the country every year in unpaid taxes.

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