Saturday, 18 May 2013

“Hardworking Families” v “Totally Relaxed”

One of the (many) dismal things about this bunch of ne’er do wells who claim to represent us is the way they misappropriate the language. Every Tom, Dick and Minister has managed to mention ‘hardworking families’ every time they grace us with their presence on the media. Funnily enough they do not mention that the average worker in the UK works longer hours (with many people working unpaid overtime) than any of our counterparts in Europe. Nor do they dwell on one of the reasons the swivel-eyed loons want to leave the EU is that the UK will not be bound by any working time directive which guarantees workers a fairer working week. Can’t have that can we? The Captains of the Call Centre Industry and all those companies falling in love with zero hours contracts would complain - and possibly not contribute to Tory funds. Jings.

On the other hand......

As the swivel-eyed loons plotted, schemed and connived with ever increasing chutzpah the PM was reported to be ‘relaxed’ about it all. As the screeching became shriller and shriller - it continued with the party of government having a significant number of rebels voting against the Queen’s Speech. Astonishing. 

Yet this was matched by an even more relaxed PM, or so we are told by the horde of ‘sources’ ‘special advisers’ and ‘inner think tanks’ surrounding the PM. By the time he left the States he was virtually comatose he was just soooo relaxed. Like hell he was.

Linton Crosby, the Aussie rotweiller brought in to savage the opposition, scare the UK public and win the next election for the Tories must be wondering what he has signed up to. 

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