Monday, 27 May 2013

Taking the piss

The news emerged tonight that Dave Hartnett, the oh so compliant boss of the revenue, who worked on all these sweetheart deals with corporate giants, has tonight got himself a job with one of said giants, Deloites. Fancy that.

Last weeks announcement that Amazon paid just £2.4 million in tax on a profit of over £4bn in the UK was bad enough ----but there was a further twist. Amazon received £2.5 million in grants from the taxpayer to help them locate a new warehouse in Scotland. Fancy that.

Yesterday the media gave even more airtime to Messrs Howard and Reid in their campaign to invade our privacy in the spurious hope it will improve our ‘national security.’ These men are corporate whores who represent security companies yet this was not made clear by the media. If they were engaged in local council business they would have to declare an interest and withdraw from the discussion. But as they are ex-MPs in the Lords they don’t. Fancy that.

Just like the 206 Lords and MPs who are on the payroll of various private medicine companies, yet who were still allowed to vote on the various sections of the Bill to privatise the NHS. Fancy that. 

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