Friday, 24 May 2013

Here we go again

A brutal murder in Woolwich and out come the slippery security slimeballs riding the outrage wave. Listen hard and you can hear the sound of security companies’ execs rubbing their hands in glee. More business, more fertile ground to develop even more business including eavesdropping on all internet accounts and very few in the media saying ‘whoa!’ 

Boris ‘Gonad the Barbarian’ Johnson declared there was no link between the attack ‘and British Foreign policy.’ Really? The ‘war on terror,’ Iraq, Afghanistan and drones slaughtering innocent men, women and children have nothing whatsoever to do with this crime? His penis may be potent - his brain isn’t. 

The media frenzy, full of speculation and reference to ‘Whitehall sources’ nudge nudge, say no more....Lots of opinions referring to ‘in the name of Islam.’ 

Nowhere amidst all this churnalism was there any mention of what we have been doing to make people hate us and our military so much. The botched Afghanistan campaign followed on from the ongoing carnage unleashed in Iraq. Military personnel are being withdrawn and replaced by drones. In one attack alone 75 innocent people were killed. Where was the media outrage then? Poor unfortunates in foreign lands do not count. Nowhere do you read or hear in our media about ‘in the name of Christianity’ or ‘in the name of Imperialism.’ Instead they talk of ‘in the name of freedom.’ Orwell would understand.

Cameron comes back early from Europe and promises all those responsible will be brought to justice. Will this be the same justice that is being denied to so many in this country by the reduction in legal aid? Having made statements on camera these two men will not be easy to defend. They will get a trial. Unlike all those killed in surgical strikes which turned out to be more wrong place wrong time. No 'innocent until proven guilty' rule for them.

Not forgetting those currently on hunger strike in Guantanamo.



Drone missile attacks.




Wikileaks revelations -

Lies and cover up.

Moral high ground. What moral high ground? 

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