Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Cheese-eating surrender monkeys

It is astonishing to consider the twists, turns and diversions that Snowden has created. The actions of one whistleblower are reverberating around the world in ways he cannot have foreseen. 

Yes, he knew the ‘land of the brave and the free’ would revert to type and come after him with everything they have got. Yes he knew his life is now on the line. And yes he knew that there would be many parts of the world where he would be regarded as persona non grata.

What he could not have predicted is the possibility of the presidential plane of the Bolivian people being refused passage across European airspace because Snowden might have been aboard the jet. He could not have predicted that the Austrians would check the plane thoroughly when it was diverted to Vienna. He would not have envisaged the fury in South America at the insulting (and illegal) treatment of one of their own. 

He could have predicted that many countries around the world would do exactly what the United States of Surveillance demanded. But the French? The same bunch who pointedly and correctly avoided getting involved in the Iraq fiasco closed their airspace to Evo Morales’ plane. Much to the disgust of most of their citizenry. 

Remember the opprobrium heaped on the French by the yank shock jocks? Cheese-eating surrender monkeys was among the tamer of the insults. So why the change of approach this time? 

Perhaps when you have such a worldwide information gathering apparatus, you unearth the dirty doings of so many shallow, criminal self-serving politicians in countries all over the world. The secret bank accounts, the mistresses, the conspiracies, the mob connections, the bribes, the fraud, drug-taking, corruption, not forgetting the weapons sales to disreputable regimes or groups..... 

All it takes is a little phone call from Joe Biden. Saint Obama has assured us that he will not engage in diplomatic pressure; cheesy grins and an 'Aw Shucks' approach is his role. He can leave the shit to his attack dog who is all lined up and raring to go.

“Make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Ring any bells?

Finally, would Biden’s calls have been made on a secure encrypted line? 

Thanks to Steve Bell for the following:

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