Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Kate Will Un

Ever felt like living in North Korea? Kim Jung-un would have looked at the media coverage of the everyday event in London last night with some pique. On a day when 2200 babies were born in the UK, the media went bananas over one special baby. The Daily Mail managed to fill 17 pages, the retitled ‘Son’ a further 11 - and even moved the page 3 ‘stunner’ away  from their fawning hagiography. Even the Independent, who marketed themselves as not being hot on royal stories had three pages with the Guardian five. Funnily enough the Express managed to fill several pages with photos and articles about  Lady Di.... 

Today we have the politicians muscling on the act. Listening to Clegg on the news was the closest thing to an aural finger-down-the -throat moment imaginable. No doubt they will all get in on the act showing just how loyal and honourable they are. 

The miles of newsprint, hours of airtime and a positive guff-fest of speculation and conjecture would be seen as normal in North Korea. Here our media do at least have the choice in what they cover and how they cover it – but today it is difficult to tell.

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