Friday, 30 May 2014


The news that yet again a massive company has made well over a billion from the UK yet paid barely £4m in tax provoked anger. These companies enjoy our infrastructure, our defence, our education system and our health service yet pay very little for the privilege. It was time to do a stock take.

It turns out that an average of just under £250 per month has been sent Amazonwards over the past two years. Most monthly spending is well below that but occasional expensive items boost the average. Roughly £3000 per year. 

An email was sent to Amazon explaining why their tax avoidance made this customer extremely unhappy. The email included details of my spending. That was over 3 weeks ago. There has been no reply. 

In that time there has been more news that Amazon are intent on squeezing ebook publishers and also how they exploit their temporary staff. 

For three weeks Amazon have received nothing from this household. Their website has been accessed to find out how much certain items are going for. They have then been purchased elsewhere. Amazon are a useful comparison site. Other, tax-paying companies, are available online too. 

It is time to exploit them until they stop exploiting their workforce and also pay their taxes.

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